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Two creativepreneurs walk into a bar...

Okay, so maybe our new creative collaboration didn't go exactly like that, but in the world of ecommerce, it was pretty close.

I had been searching for another creative to partner with on a new project - hand lettered candles. I had this vision and dream of what I wanted, but I had to figure out how to execute it.

It wasn't long though before I found Lauren of Northeast Glass. I loved her work using recycled wine bottles to create candles and could relate to her hustle of running a small business out of her home and selling at local events on the weekends. I pitched why she should partner with me on this project... and it worked.

Northeast Glass candles

Over the course of 5 months, we bounced what seemed like a never-ending list of ideas off of each other. See, Lauren was preparing for a move from Texas to New York when I first reached out. Having just moved last year, I know what that feels like, and trying to relocate business supplies to get back up and running post-move is a nightmare (and we only moved a few miles away, not even states apart). I was patient, and I knew it would be worth it.

Kaison and I hand selected a couple scents to be very different from one another while still appealing to a wide range of customers (that proved to be much more difficult than I ever thought!). Although they were both selected to bring the outdoors in, each candle features a unique fragrance that will work in every room of your home.

Without further adieu...

Here are our 2 new candles available only in our online shop starting this Thursday, June 1st - precisely cut and sanded repurposed wine bottles, hand poured 100% soy wax infused with natural essential oils, a hand lettered design, eco-friendly, and truly a work of art!


We shared some sneak peeks on social media over the past week, but here they are in all their glory.

Northeast Glass and Home Brewed and Co. collaboration

The West Virginia Country Roads candle - reminiscent of those long summer days among the WV rolling hills and Golden Delicious apples. This candle is truly unique, bold, and would be great in your office or living room.

West Virginia candle

The Sweet Honeysuckle and Vine candle - with aromas of honeysuckle flowers that will take your mind to the outdoors. This candle has a wonderful sweet scent that isn't overpowering. It would be great in a living room or bedroom. 

Honeysuckle candle

There will be very limited quantities of both, so be sure to set those alarms for 8pm EST on Thursday, June 1st to snatch a few up for you and a friend!

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