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Free Wine Tasting Printable for Your Next Girls' Night

Since moving websites last year, I lost the original blog post that contained this wine tasting scorecard. I figured with Galentine's Day coming up in a few days, now would be the perfect time to share it again.


I originally made this printable after a friend’s birthday a few years ago. A group of us girls got an inexpensive hotel suite at Oglebay and had a good ol’ fashion adult sleepover... which means it included wine. We each have a different palate when it comes to wines. For example, I like a semi-sweet white while a few of my friends prefer even sweeter or the complete opposite - a dry red. This makes trying new wines an adventure + so much fun. The problem is, by the end of the night the names usually run together or are forgotten entirely, and when I try to find one I liked at Kroger on my next shopping trip, I’m at a loss.


This inspired me to create a little wine tasting printable which you can download for FREE at the end of this post. It's perfect to use at your next girls' night, winery trip, or for Galentine's Day.


Here's how I intended it to work:

Each gal pal brings their favorite wine + snack that pairs well with it. Some of my personal favorite pairings include:


  • a variety of cheeses
  • charcuterie
  • figs
  • almonds


  • macarons
  • chocolate covered anything
  • cupcakes



Pour a few ounces of 1 wine in each person’s glass. Remember: not everyone will love each wine, so pour small the first time around. You don’t want to waste any of the good stuff!


Fill in your wine tasting card. It’s also fun to compare notes + scores for each.


Sip, enjoy + repeat with the next wine!



You can also use the scorecard during your next winery trip. Each person would purchase a different bottle, and you would go around trying each the same as above. Take it a step further, and use it at the WV Wine + Jazz Festival when trying lots of wines from various vineyards.

Bonus tip:

This is super useful when trying to remember which friend likes which wine. Jot a little note off to the side when you’re comparing results, and take the guess work out of the next birthday or hostess gift.


Right click on the picture below, save to your computer, and print:

All photo credit to The Everygirl's post "How to Host a Galentine's Day Brunch"


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