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Q and A with K+J

Hi, friends! We wanted to start a blog series answering some of the questions we get repeatedly. Some of them are business-related, asking about our personal lives, or are just fun, random questions.

Picture by the talented Hannah Hicks Photo

Let's get started...

1. Do you brew beer?

This might be the most asked (and assumed) question that we get from those who are not very familiar with us. It makes me laugh every time because it is rightly so. However, we're not changing our name + rebranding at this stage in the game. We don't brew beer, but chose the name Home Brewed + Co. since we create our products in our home and love coffee. Our first designs were mugs, and the name just fit at the time. The "and Company" portion allows us to spin off in many directions I think. Although our name is super long to type, we still love it for its uniqueness.

2. Is it hard working with your spouse?

To be honest, it isn't difficult at all. We each have very different roles in the business, so it is easy to work together to make it all come to life. Occasionally, we both make mistakes, and when Kaison does, I threaten to "fire" him... He knows I don't mean it though.

It can be difficult, however, allowing Home Brewed + Co. and all that goes into it to bleed into our personal lives too much... physically and figuratively. When we run a business together and out of our home, boxes, shop items, etc. can overflow from our office to our living room or guest bedroom. We also sometimes find ourselves talking business at the dinner table or before we go to bed. Creating that needed separation is something we could do better.

3. Do you have other jobs or do you just do Home Brewed + Co.?

We get asked this one a lot, mainly at in-person events. We both have full-time careers outside of this small business. I work in healthcare, and Kaison works for an industrial sales company. He also has his own small business as a Disney vacation planner. So yea, time management is huge.

4. Do you make custom items?

Unfortunately, we do not. In the early beginnings, we only made custom items, but as we continue to grow, it is too difficult and time consuming.

5. Are you still renovating your house?

We are! Slowly but surely. Our project over the last few months has been the master bathroom. Since this is our first home and we're DIYing most everything, it can take a while, which is extremely hard for my impatient self. For instance, we've never laid tile before, so we're learning new things as we go.

Here are some of the befores, so you can see just what we had to work with:

Then, one day while I was at work, Kaison texts me this picture + I thought okay, I guess we're doing this... right now.

I'll save the fun "after" photos for another time. My dad has been a huge help on his days off + it's really starting to come together. Home renovation is no easy feat, y'all!


That's a wrap for our first Q+A. Hope you enjoyed! If you have a question that you would like to see answered in future blog posts, feel free to shoot it our way via the Contact page or in the comments below.


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